Mar 4, 2021

3rd place in the silage competition, category “Silage in Trenches”

Tukums Municipality, Slampe Parish, SIA “Kalnāji”, owner Paulis Paškausks.

“Kalnāji” is a demonstration farm of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre.

It stands out not only because of its young and promising owner, but also because of the genetically managed herd, with 1/3 Latvian Brown cows, 1/3 Holstein Black and White cows, and 1/3 Holstein Red and White.

The herd consists of 490 milk-producing cows, the average 365-day milk yield is 10,403 kg per cow, the average fat content is 4.2% and the average protein content 3.6%.

It is a multisector farm growing its own grain, as well as grass and corn silage.