Apr 7, 2022

Shadow day in Agrolats Group cooperation companies

In order to familiarize students with the requirements of various professions and industries, Agrolats Group cooperation companies participated in the career education program "Day of Shadows 2022" organized by Junior Achievement Latvia.

The students had the opportunity to visit the Druva ice cream factory, the Zemgale business center and get an idea of ​​the work at the Grain pre-processing complex in Dobele.
In one of the Shadow Day applications, a schoolgirl mentioned that she wanted to get to know the profession of an agricultural laboratory technician, because she had watched her father's work at the Dobele Horticulture Institute, and in the future she thinks of connecting her career with food production and processing opportunities.

On the shadow day, students got to know the profession and duties of a real estate agent, property management specialist, agricultural laboratory technician, grain processing operator, export manager and logistics specialist. On the other hand, when visiting the Druva ice cream factory, students could see how ice cream is made, learn about the history and development of the brand, and also try to create their own ice cream with the selected flavors.

"Each specialist can inspire a young person not only with the profession they represent, but also with their personality. You never know when you, as a person, can serve as inspiration and motivation to achieve something more in life, so I believe that companies should participate in Shadow Day are very important and far-sighted," says Ieva Vāvule, marketing and communication manager of Agrolats Group.

We invite pupils and students to familiarize themselves with the internship opportunities in the cooperative companies of our group.