Crop production
The area of agriculture is the foundation from which all other areas of operation of AGROLATS GROUP began.
Sector companies
More than 15,000 ha of agricultural land
Sustainable farming methods
Efficient use of agrarian resources
Our companies manage more than 15,000 ha of agricultural land in total. We grow a variety of cereals like wheat, barley, rapeseed, and corn, as well as legumes and other crops for export and for the domestic market.

We apply a mixed farming principle – crop production, livestock farming and energy production, thus ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of agrarian resources. Some of our companies specialise in the production and sale of cereal seeds.

Our crop production farms operate using the most advanced agricultural methods that save resources and are environmentally friendly. We are dedicated to improving the soil fertility in the long term and use green manure and the alternated crop methods whenever possible. We also apply production methods that substantially lower greenhouse gas emissions and noticeably reduce the climate change impact.

A significant proportion of our agricultural land is taken up by perennial grasses for livestock farming, which is an important precondition for sustainable farming and carbon capture.

We pay extra attention to ensure that our operations do not endanger the surrounding landscape and biodiversity. We care for all protected species around us and are prepared to assist in the creation of conditions that ensures their survival.

An important precondition for successful operations are competent and professional staff. The agricultural companies of AGROLATS GROUP place a substantial emphasis on employee training, frequent improvements, and the exchange of knowledge.

We aim to be a motivating example in the Latvian agricultural sector and visibly demonstrate the implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly farming in daily operation.


In the crop production sector
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Crop production, dairy farming, biogas production, brewery, catering
An advanced multisector agricultural company with experience, founded in 1974. Closed-cycle agricultural production is the basis for efficient farming.
“Tišas”, Kroņauce, Tērvete Parish, Tērvete Municipality, LV-3730
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Crop production – cereals, rapeseed, corn
Professionals in crop farming and production of agricultural raw materials. The “LIEPAS” farm was founded in 1992 and today manages 400 ha of agricultural land.
“Liepas”, Auri Parish, Dobele Municipality, LV-3701
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Crop Production and grain pretreatment
A company that implies modern, resource conserving and environmentally conscious methods, producing grains of wheat, barley, rape, oats and legumes for export and the domestic market. As another action line is grain storage and supply of pretreatment services. Over the past few years, we have significantly decreased emission causing tillage intensity, mainly using plowing and direct sowing methods, which, when used correctly, improve soil fertility and reduce resource consumption.
Lazdu iela 15, Draudzība, Novadnieki Parish, Saldus Municipality, LV-3801

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Leasing of agricultural land and cereal farming
Our agricultural activity must be sustainable, with the aim of maintaining and increasing the fertility of our soils to ensure stable productivity indicators in the future, reduce potential risks and ensure a sufficient income level for the further development of businesses. We purposefully develop and modernize our production in order to achieve good results with significantly lower use of environmentally harmful raw materials.
Ezere, Ezere Parish, Saldus Municipality, LV-3891
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Production of vegetables, fruit and berries
Growing of vegetables, fruit and berries Established in 2016, the agricultural company “Zaļā Muiža” is constantly expanding its assortment. Fresh vegetables, berries and eggs grown and cared for on own farm, located in Zemgale, are offered to the consumers.
“Plepīši”, Krimūnu Parish, Dobele Municipality, LV-3732
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Crop production, livestock breeding, biogas production
The company manages almost 2,000 hectares, producing wheat, barley, rape, corn and beans. In addition to cereals, perennial grassland covers a significant part of the land, which is an important prerequisite for livestock farming and carbon sequestration. Hence, our goal is to have a sustainable management with closed-loop production cycle.
Rēzekne Municipality, Viļāni Parish, Malta, “Darbnīcas”, LV-4650
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Mixed farming - crop and livestock production
A bovine herd of 1,000 and 2,000 hectares of cultivated agricultural land - are complementary factors in sustainable agriculture.
Kalnāji, Slampe, Slampe Parish, Tukums Municipality, LV-3119
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In the crop production sector

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