Jun 7, 2022

Druva ice cream starts the summer season in a new form

The year 2022 for SIA “Tērvete Food” has started actively by renewing the packaging design of the brand “Druvas saldējums”, expanding the product range and developing new working directions. The company focuses on brand development, expands export markets, and therefore the development of new products is crucial. Moreover, the company is taking care of loyal customers by constantly looking for new solutions to enjoy the taste of “Druvas saldējums”!

The ideal ice cream on a stick

The assortment of "Druvas saldējums" products this season is complemented by new mini-ice creams on a stick - Mango-Orange ice cream covered in milk chocolate, Salted Caramel ice cream covered in amber chocolate, Mint ice cream covered in dark chocolate, Chicory ice cream covered in dark chocolate and other products. The taste of the new ice cream, as well as its convenient size has already been appreciated by customers. Salted caramel ice cream covered in amber chocolate has become very popular due to its unusual and delicious taste.
"When looking for a solution for the best ice cream on a stick, we use high-quality premium chocolate for ice cream glaze to provide a particularly crispy and ‘melting on a tongue’ taste experience, which complements our concept well, ensuring high quality ice cream, tells Sanita Vaičkus, production manager at Tērvete Food Ltd.“ When developing the products, we considered the fact that the ice cream melts very quickly in warm weather, therefore the size of the ice cream is important in the daily run. We want our ice cream to be tasty and crispy until the last bite. Also, mini eskimo ice cream is especially suitable for our youngest customers."

In cooperation with SIA “Lāči” a new ice cream line “KOPĀ” is being developed

As a result of successful cooperation with the beloved domestic producer "Lāči", a new product line "KOPĀ" has been created, where some of the favorite recipes of "Lāči" were transferred to the dessert ice cream format - ice cream with balsam, rye breadcrumbs and dark chocolate, ice cream with rye bread, dried fruit and hazelnuts and ice cream with brownie, raspberry sauce and dark chocolate were created. Both producers are united by the focus on local raw materials and the desire to invite people to spend more time with their close ones.
Valdis Blūms, the head of SIA “Tērvete food”, points out the added value of cooperation between producers, because the creation of new products together, also means the sharing of experience and knowledge: “There are many great producers in Latvia whose cooperation can potentially create wonderful solutions. We decided to combine our and “Lāči” common values and ambitions about the standard of high-quality products and, as a result, new products will be available in chain stores from June.”

"Druvas Pagrabiņš" has resumed operations

The original Chicory ice cream still occupies a stable place in the choice of buyers, while the new products introduced this year will delight those customers who like to go on a taste adventure. "Druvas saldējums" products are available in chain stores throughout Latvia, but the widest range of products is available in the factory store and in the recently opened "Druvas Pagrabiņš" in Saldus. There is an original cold coffee with chicory ice cream - Frappe - available in the"Druvas Pagrabiņš” but the most demanded are the sets of different ice cream balls, where one can create individual bouquet of taste. For those customers who do not have “Druvas saldējums” available near them, delivery of ice cream to homes or company offices, which recently has become high in demand, is ensured.

"We are delighted for each positive feedback we receive, which is why we are glad to try to create new solutions in the world of ice cream. Our followers on social networks are active in recommending new tastes and in evaluating our products. We consider their opinion when making decisions about product development. We are grateful for the support of our followers in responding to our newly introduced delicacies,” notes Valdis Blūms.

SIA "Tērvete Food" produces “Druva saldējums” from real milk. 35 years of experience provides knowledge about how real ice cream should taste like, while the desire to always delight and surprise customers allows us to create unforgettable tastes in our new products.
SIA "Tērvete Food" belongs to "Agrolats Group" - a family company with several decades of experience and strong values.

Turnover of SIA “Tērvete Food” in 2021: 2,260,000 EUR
Number of employees of SIA “Tērvete Food” in 2021: 35