On October 14, more than 20 students from all over Latvia participated in the "EIT Food" Career Day, which was organized by "EIT Food Hub Latvia" in cooperation with RTU Science and Innovation Center and "Agrolats Group".
On the career day, high school students who are fascinated by innovative solutions, agricultural technology and sustainability topics, as well as their teachers, had the opportunity to go to Tērvete, getting to know the cooperation company of "Agrolats Group" A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete". The young people had the opportunity to meet the representatives of the Group's companies to learn more about their everyday life - from personnel management, product development and marketing to biogas production and innovation management. The participants observed the application of science and technology, as well as the operation of circular principles, in a real environment.
Most of the students agreed that the Career Day excursion was a great success and they also gained several valuable insights:
"The circular economy is very beneficial and sustainable. It is important to think about the future".
"Don't give up, don't be afraid to suddenly change your profession. Communicate and speak for new opportunities”.
“Education has value. It is important to choose a job that you like".
"Agriculture is a promising sector".
We thank "EIT Food HUB Latvia" and RTU Science and Innovation Center for the opportunity and all participants for the valuable day!

At the annual forum honoring the best brands of the Baltic States, which also featured valuable discussions and guest lectures by internationally recognized experts, the brightest and most popular brands in the Baltics in 2022 were named.
"Tērvetes" brand of our cooperation company "Tērvetes AL" has been consistently taking the 1st place for several years in the category of the most loved beer brands!
We are proud of the company's success and wish many new achievements in the future!
More information: https://balticbrands.eu/en

This year's novelty - Salted caramel ice cream in Amber Belgian chocolate glaze - won 3rd place 2021/2022 in the milk product quality evaluation competition of the Central Union of Dairy Farmers of Latvia of the year in the new dairy products category ICE CREAM. The master of salted caramel ice cream is Sanita Vaičkus, whose ice cream recipes have also won laurels in previous years' competitions.
This year, 12 Latvian milk processing companies with 47 different products participated in the competition.
The awarding of laureates took place on September 8 at the international exhibition "Riga Food 2022".
We are proud of the success of LTD "Tērvete Food" and wish to create more and more excellent products!
Pictured from the left: Alise Gēgersone, head of major clients of LTD "Tērvete Food", Evita Štrausa, head of business development, and Ieva Vāvule, head of the marketing and communication department of JSC "Agrolats Holding".

We are for work - for honest work based on deep values, which expresses true love for our land and fellow human beings.

We are for a celebration - a celebration full of satisfaction and joy, which comes as a reward for what has been done.

In order to enjoy joyful holidays and feel a united team spirit again, at the end of July, we gathered Agrolats Group cooperation companies for sports activities at the Agrolats Group Summer Festival, where company employees could participate in both collective and individual competitions and feel real fighting spirit.
Sports activities were interspersed with creative workshops, conversations and laughter, while in the musical part of the evening everyone was delighted by the performance of Normunds Rutulis and a ball until the last dancer.
We are proud to work and celebrate together!

This year, the event Tractor Day 2022 will take place in the field of Agrolats Group cooperation company JSC "Agrofirma Tērvete" in Tērvete. At the event Tractor Day 2022, we will represent Agrolats Group with our cooperation companies - LTD "Elagro Trade" and JSC "Agrofirma Tērvete".

In the Agrolats Group tent, it will be possible to receive consultations from professional agronomists, participate in the big lottery of LTD "Elagro Trade", where you can win valuable prizes, go on an excursion to JSC "Agrofirma Tērvete", and also try your hand at various outdoor games.

See you at the event Tractor Day 2022 already on July 2!

The year 2022 for SIA “Tērvete Food” has started actively by renewing the packaging design of the brand “Druvas saldējums”, expanding the product range and developing new working directions. The company focuses on brand development, expands export markets, and therefore the development of new products is crucial. Moreover, the company is taking care of loyal customers by constantly looking for new solutions to enjoy the taste of “Druvas saldējums”!

The ideal ice cream on a stick

The assortment of "Druvas saldējums" products this season is complemented by new mini-ice creams on a stick - Mango-Orange ice cream covered in milk chocolate, Salted Caramel ice cream covered in amber chocolate, Mint ice cream covered in dark chocolate, Chicory ice cream covered in dark chocolate and other products. The taste of the new ice cream, as well as its convenient size has already been appreciated by customers. Salted caramel ice cream covered in amber chocolate has become very popular due to its unusual and delicious taste.
"When looking for a solution for the best ice cream on a stick, we use high-quality premium chocolate for ice cream glaze to provide a particularly crispy and ‘melting on a tongue’ taste experience, which complements our concept well, ensuring high quality ice cream, tells Sanita Vaičkus, production manager at Tērvete Food Ltd.“ When developing the products, we considered the fact that the ice cream melts very quickly in warm weather, therefore the size of the ice cream is important in the daily run. We want our ice cream to be tasty and crispy until the last bite. Also, mini eskimo ice cream is especially suitable for our youngest customers."

In cooperation with SIA “Lāči” a new ice cream line “KOPĀ” is being developed

As a result of successful cooperation with the beloved domestic producer "Lāči", a new product line "KOPĀ" has been created, where some of the favorite recipes of "Lāči" were transferred to the dessert ice cream format - ice cream with balsam, rye breadcrumbs and dark chocolate, ice cream with rye bread, dried fruit and hazelnuts and ice cream with brownie, raspberry sauce and dark chocolate were created. Both producers are united by the focus on local raw materials and the desire to invite people to spend more time with their close ones.
Valdis Blūms, the head of SIA “Tērvete food”, points out the added value of cooperation between producers, because the creation of new products together, also means the sharing of experience and knowledge: “There are many great producers in Latvia whose cooperation can potentially create wonderful solutions. We decided to combine our and “Lāči” common values and ambitions about the standard of high-quality products and, as a result, new products will be available in chain stores from June.”

"Druvas Pagrabiņš" has resumed operations

The original Chicory ice cream still occupies a stable place in the choice of buyers, while the new products introduced this year will delight those customers who like to go on a taste adventure. "Druvas saldējums" products are available in chain stores throughout Latvia, but the widest range of products is available in the factory store and in the recently opened "Druvas Pagrabiņš" in Saldus. There is an original cold coffee with chicory ice cream - Frappe - available in the"Druvas Pagrabiņš” but the most demanded are the sets of different ice cream balls, where one can create individual bouquet of taste. For those customers who do not have “Druvas saldējums” available near them, delivery of ice cream to homes or company offices, which recently has become high in demand, is ensured.

"We are delighted for each positive feedback we receive, which is why we are glad to try to create new solutions in the world of ice cream. Our followers on social networks are active in recommending new tastes and in evaluating our products. We consider their opinion when making decisions about product development. We are grateful for the support of our followers in responding to our newly introduced delicacies,” notes Valdis Blūms.

SIA "Tērvete Food" produces “Druva saldējums” from real milk. 35 years of experience provides knowledge about how real ice cream should taste like, while the desire to always delight and surprise customers allows us to create unforgettable tastes in our new products.
SIA "Tērvete Food" belongs to "Agrolats Group" - a family company with several decades of experience and strong values.

Turnover of SIA “Tērvete Food” in 2021: 2,260,000 EUR
Number of employees of SIA “Tērvete Food” in 2021: 35

In order to familiarize students with the requirements of various professions and industries, Agrolats Group cooperation companies participated in the career education program "Day of Shadows 2022" organized by Junior Achievement Latvia.

The students had the opportunity to visit the Druva ice cream factory, the Zemgale business center and get an idea of ​​the work at the Grain pre-processing complex in Dobele.
In one of the Shadow Day applications, a schoolgirl mentioned that she wanted to get to know the profession of an agricultural laboratory technician, because she had watched her father's work at the Dobele Horticulture Institute, and in the future she thinks of connecting her career with food production and processing opportunities.

On the shadow day, students got to know the profession and duties of a real estate agent, property management specialist, agricultural laboratory technician, grain processing operator, export manager and logistics specialist. On the other hand, when visiting the Druva ice cream factory, students could see how ice cream is made, learn about the history and development of the brand, and also try to create their own ice cream with the selected flavors.

"Each specialist can inspire a young person not only with the profession they represent, but also with their personality. You never know when you, as a person, can serve as inspiration and motivation to achieve something more in life, so I believe that companies should participate in Shadow Day are very important and far-sighted," says Ieva Vāvule, marketing and communication manager of Agrolats Group.

We invite pupils and students to familiarize themselves with the internship opportunities in the cooperative companies of our group.

In order to find out how the war situation in Ukraine affects Agrolats Group companies and business in Latvia as a whole, we invited Mārtiņš Muižnieks, Deputy Chairman of the Board and CEO of Agrolats Group, to a meeting.

Mārtiņš, what are the feelings in Agrolats Group at the moment?

We all feel compassion for the people of Ukraine, rather than thinking about how it will affect us in monetary terms - and this seems much more important to me. People of Ukraine and Ukrainian land have made a significant contribution to Agrolats Group, since, for more than 10 years we had a successful agribusiness in Ukraine. For that we thank Ukraine, its people and its fertile land. What we should be thinking about now is - how we can help Ukraine?
I can only pray and urge everyone to be tolerant towards ones who will live and work for us.
I think a lot about what it was like during the Second World War, when people fled from Latvia to other countries, such as America, Australia, et cetera. It was the locals who helped them settle and provided support. We must do the same for the Ukrainians, it is our great duty.

How does Agrolats Group support Ukraine at the moment?

Given that Agrolats Group is large and multisectoral, we have the opportunity to provide support, and we have already provided and will continue to do. We want to focus on practical support - providing housing, labour, support with our products - water, ice cream, et cetera.

In your opinion, what impact can the war in Ukraine have on the Latvian business environment?

No conclusions can yet be drawn, nor is it possible to assess the long-term impact. There will be an impact, of course, and we will all feel it.
If we look at the impact of Covid-19 on business and how this impact has been mitigated, the solutions in this situation will not be so simple. I do not think it will be possible to single out and help certain sectors that need special support. The sharp rise in energy and raw material prices is affecting us all, both businesses and households, to such an extent that we fear we will feel the consequences for a very long time. I think the best-case scenario for the global economy would be long-term stagnation.
It is good that, since Russia's occupation of Crimea in 2014, ties with Russia have been weakened under the then sanctions. To a large extent, this has allowed us to prepare for the current situation. Significant restrictions were implemented in the banking sector, the origin of financial resources flowing into Latvia was more strictly checked, and co-operation with certain Russian companies was limited. Therefore, in my opinion, Latvia has re-profiled quite well, and now entrepreneurs should have an understanding of how to adapt their activities to the new conditions.
Grain prices are rising now, and in financial terms it is good for our group's companies, but it's hard to be happy about it at such time.

Which of the war-involved countries did Agrolats Group companies cooperate with?

Already three years ago, we made a strategic decision to close a large part of our international business and focus on the local market. We have also done this quite successfully. Agrolats Group has not been operating in Russia and Belarus for several years. Activities in Morocco have been significantly reduced. The war has affected the availability of brown glass beer bottles, which is relevant for our brewery "Tērvete". “Elagro Trade” is currently feeling the effects from the increased sanctions towards the purchase of fertilizers and other raw materials, but we are prepared to accept less profit if it means supporting Ukraine, at a time when it is paying blood for the freedom of its people. Cooperation with countries that support or are involved in hostilities in Ukraine is not possible, it is the least we can do to support.

Are there any conclusions about entrepreneurship that we can draw from the current political situation in the neighbourhood?

Of course, political risks are mentioned in all business books as risks to be reckoned with - the chances of them occurring are small, but the impact is great, and usually no one thinks about it in the first place. Will entrepreneurs change the way they think? I don't know, I doubt it very much. Rather, it will analyse the current situation and facts. It will be the inner conviction of every entrepreneur - where it is safe to invest and which, in turn, are dangerous regions of the world. In my opinion, the Baltic States have been a dangerous region for business in Western Europe for a long time, and only over time have we gained confidence in proving our political course in joining the European Union and NATO. It has helped a lot.

Should we thank the government for this development course taken by Latvia?

I think we can be satisfied with the course we have taken since independence and we can be happy about our society, which has chosen to follow this path. We have each come to realize on a daily basis that it is more valuable to do what is good and right than to constantly look for detours to circumvent something. With this in mind, we are helping to build a system that is focused on achieving structured goals. That is why we have come so far. However, a lot depends on the way society thinks.

What are the prospects for the near future?

I will be very happy when the war ends and if we can help Ukraine further. I believe that the agricultural sector in Ukraine is very promising. This could be one of the fastest areas to help the country to recover. Of course, the destroyed infrastructure will not be able to be restored so quickly, but the fertile land will not disappear. This is also a great opportunity for international companies if they won’t be afraid of the political situation in Ukraine. If I will have such opportunity, I am ready to help with my ideas and knowledge.
Slava Ukraini!

“Kalnāji” is a demonstration farm of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre.

It stands out not only because of its young and promising owner, but also because of the genetically managed herd, with 1/3 Latvian Brown cows, 1/3 Holstein Black and White cows, and 1/3 Holstein Red and White.

The herd consists of 490 milk-producing cows, the average 365-day milk yield is 10,403 kg per cow, the average fat content is 4.2% and the average protein content 3.6%.

It is a multisector farm growing its own grain, as well as grass and corn silage.


The idea of a non-alcoholic beer first emerged in the summer of 2015 when the newest Trevete brewery product - kvass drink - was launched. Following this successful launch, the owners began to explore the option of creating a non-alcoholic beer. Upon researching trends and seeing potential in the non-alcoholic beer market, it was decided to create this new product line. The greatest challenge was to create a non-alcoholic beer that tasted like real beer – Tērvetes beer.

In 2019, after four years of relentless and dedicated work, the master brewers of Tērvete came up with a recipe that has already become a very popular beer in Latvia. Consumers love it and we appreciate their passion. Within 2 years, Tērvete non-alcoholic beer has become consumers’ choice No. 1 in the non-alcoholic beer segment in Latvia. We are happy and proud of this achievement.