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AGROLATS GROUP unites companies who are passionate and dedicated to our common goals and values


Today, AGROLATS GROUP unites companies with a common understanding, values and approach to business development as well as with a common goal of creating a sustainable, mutually supportive business environment in Latvia and contributing to the overall development of the economy.

AGROLATS GROUP companies operate in key economic sectors – agriculture and food production, as well as retail, cargo freight, real estate management and other.

More than 500 employment opportunities created
15000 ha
More than 15,000 ha of agricultural land managed
Partnership between 40 companies
25 years
More than 25 years of experience

Our story began in 1997

when Vitauts Paškausks and his family established the agriculture enterprise SIA Agrolats. Its name was chosen to represent the key values of the company that are as valid today as they were then:

“Agro” – love for the land and agriculture, “Lats” – a symbol of patriotism and belonging to Latvia.

The growth achieved through relentless work resulted in the need to look for cooperation partners in related sectors to face day-to-day business challenges. The mutual partnership of the companies allowed them to expand the business, to build on the achievements and to pursue further goals.

Stability and striving for success

Currently, AGROLATS GROUP unites entrepreneurs who share a common mindset and, through their work, wish to develop a responsible and modern business environment in Latvia working according to the quality standards and values introduced by the founder of the AGROLATS brand, Vitauts Paškausks.

The common quality standard is unified by the AGROLATS trademark that reflects our common values and unites all AGROLATS GROUP companies.

The letter “A” symbolises stability, dependability, striving for success, encouraging growth and development.

Common goals and reliable partnership

AGROLATS GROUP unites companies with a common approach to business development and with a common goal of creating sustainable, mutually supportive business environment in Latvia and contributing to the overall development of the economy. We welcome those who wish to become our partners and successfully develop their own business and the economy of Latvia as a whole.

As before, we will continue to base our business development on proven values and the favourite expression of Vitauts Paškausks – “A man’s word is his bond”.

Our values

The founder of AGROLATS’ GROUP idea, Vitauts Paškausks, has always positioned working for the benefit of Latvia as a priority and AGROLATS GROUP has implemented key values that over time have become an inseparable part of operations of all AGROLATS GROUP partner companies.

The employees of all companies follow these values in their daily work and take business and sustainable development decisions based on these values.


For AGROLATS GROUP, integrity in business means acting honestly and responsibly towards each other, towards the partners, towards your land and your country.


A value characterising the work ethics of AGROLATS GROUP and the relationships with partner companies. We are a reliable employer and partner.  Common vision, goals and reliable partnership - these are core values for AGROLATS GROUP.

Striving for success

We carry out every single daily task according to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. We are convinced that the greatest contribution to the economy and individual development can only be made when striving for an excellent result.
“Honest and determined work is what characterises all AGROLATS GROUP companies. We work with genuine love towards our land and our people, working in sectors that matter to every individual in Latvia and the economy in general. I have never based my business purely on numbers, I am convinced that the sector of agriculture in Latvia needs to be developed and improved. I can see how our partnership with other companies will continue to develop the fields of Latvia in the future.”
Vitauts Paškausks
The creator of the idea of AGROLATS GROUP